Publication Guidelines

E-News is a weekly electronic newsletter sent by the UND School of Medicine and Health Sciences to students, faculty, staff, alumni, legislators and health professionals. It contains information about events, seminars, honors, awards and personnel (of interest to the SMHS community).

E-News content can be submitted using the E-News Publication Submission Form. E-News is coordinated through the Office of Alumni and Community Relations.

The submission deadline is Wednesday of each week before 4 p.m. E-News submissions will be edited on Thursday of each week (may refuse announcements for content and length).

If a holiday falls on a Thursday, E-News will not be sent out the following Friday.

Types of announcements to submit to E-News:

  • News and information of interest to the majority of our audience (listed above)
  • Major public events and seminars
  • Awards, achievements, recognition
  • New hires

Types of announcements that will not be posted in E-News:

  • Job postings
  • Commercial advertising
  • Classified ads of any sort
  • Internal SMHS communication that could instead be sent via e-mail

Questions about submission content? Please contact:

Denis MacLeod
Alumni & Community Relations
UND School of Medicine & Health Sciences